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Group photo of field trip to University of Washington – Clean Energy Institute (CEI).  Students learned about solar energy applications and current research being conducted at the UW.  They also got to build solar paneled spinners, as well as use of the instruments the researchers use at CEI.  Using Metro buses for transportation tied into our theme of “clean energy”!.


Welcome to 5B and an incredible year of exploration! I am excited to be your child’s teacher and I know this will be a fantastic year of learning and growth – for us all!  The fifth grade child is well into his/her intermediate education.  Together, we  work to make this an engaging and exciting year.  It is amazing what we can accomplish in 10 months.  Educating the whole child is at the center of our philosophy. Each child comes to the classroom with a different background and experience and is unique unto himself/herself. Fifth graders are entering a special, preadolescent time in their lives.  Many 10-11 year olds experience changes in their bodies and attitudes.  Friends become a more integral part of their lives.  The 5th grade child might begin to exert more independence from adults.  Guiding the students through this changing time is important. You can help me prepare to work with your child  more effectively by completing a Student Profile.  Click here to download the documStudent Profile 2016/2017. It would be helpful if you could have it filled out and returned to school by the end of the second week of school:  FRIDAY,  SEPTEMBER 9th. Thank you in advance for taking the time to tell me about your child.

For those of you interested in 5b’s daily schedule, click here to view morning schedule, or click here to view afternoon schedule!!

In fifth grade, we are preparing for the responsibilities and independence needed to be successful in middle school. Developing a sense of confidence and taking ownership of one’s learning goes a long ways toward ensuring that success!

So sit down, hold on, and get set for an exciting ride!

Mr. Richey



Important Notice Concerning Allergies:  Villa Academy has students with severe allergies to nuts (and any products that might be exposed to nuts).  DO NOT SEND ANY NUTS, OR PRODUCTS THAT MAY BE EXPOSED TO NUTS, TO SCHOOL!  

Thank you!  

Mr. Richey